be the creator not seeker

Posted: September 19, 2010 in social

are you one of those people who are looking for a job.. practicing in front of the mirror for the interview.. waiting for your chance to join the earning population. and do you expect to earn a million just through your salary or are satisfied with earning enough to survive??? well all the best to you people… but i feel that there is a better way of  making a fortune..

the very first step is to believe in yourself.. don’t think that its very difficult and next to impossible coz its not. no idea is bad, its just the way you execute the idea is what determines its success possibility. if we look into the past, we will find that history is filled with people took control of their lives and have been really successful in whatever they did (well not everything). we call them entrepreneurs. they have a vision, a dream and most important of all, they have a positive attitude.

guys feel free to think about yourself. what you want, how you want, what you think you ca do and up to what extent can you go to take it. if you feel that you can build a spaceship that will land on mars then go for it. if you believe you can do it then you can. the world is full of ideas, you just need to find them. now how to find these ideas is the big question…

well the answer to this is very simple.. the ideas are hidden in your house, in your car, in your favorite restaurant and in your favorite game… yes friends they are everywhere you go and inside everything you do. it means that you can generate income from almost anything you can think of… you only need to identify the idea.. like if you like to play online games then you can start your own team and participate in events worldwide as the gaming industry is huge and growing day by day.. if u r a foodie then u can start a new resto-bar of your own..

the whole idea is that you should do what you want and not just what others want you to do.. i have met many people want to start a business of their own.. but they lack the confidence to initiate something new. i don’t say that you would rule the industry overnight, but if you are dedicated enough then in the long run you will achieve what you always wanted.. people don’t be afraid of bad days and all the ‘how’ and ‘what’ that others are gonna ask..

however i don’t want any of you to get carried away by emotions.. take one step at a time. ask for all the help you want.. meet others who think like you and learn from them.. form partnerships so that you can jointly handle the situations. always remember that you are just a beginner and not the best at what you are up to. so move on with confidence but not over confidence..

friends i want you to come up with your ideas in this blog and share it with me and other readers. i want people with innovative ideas to come together on this page share their great thoughts with us……

i will try to make these dreams come into reality and help create a platform for the young minds of the world…

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