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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers…

My university exams are only few days away. I have nine subjects that need desperate attention if i want to score anything nearby the satisfaction level of my parents.

With all sorts of pressures and deadlines and an extremely busy schedule, I can’t help  myself to think if  any of  this hard work is actually adding to my education or is it just a struggle to pass my graduation to get the degree that I once craved for. It is like a fight for survival for me and it has always been like this. During my class 10th board exams it was a fight for getting into the best school in town; during my class 12th exams I fought for getting into the best university. And now its a fight for the best job package.

One thing I have realized for sure is that it is knowledge we gain but the the marks we aim for that matter in today’s world. Nobody cares for the knowledge you posses but the mark sheet attached to your resume that will decide your fate. My 1st yr of graduation passed without me even noticing what happened in the college. No class that i can remember, no chapter that I know properly and no subject that i can recall. But i passed. And passed very well. Not a great score but pretty much for an average student. And same is the story of my second year.

I study just a couple of weeks before my exams and that is all that is required to get a degree of the most reputed university of the country. What the teacher teaches in one full year is what I learn in a few days and sometimes in just few hours. The course is not that easy.  But definitely not challenging.

Moreover the syllabus fails to draw my attention towards the subject. the course material is very boring and not at all interesting. There is no interactive activity that requires active participation of the student. The shocking thing is that this is not just one case. Almost all the colleges have the same problem –  a monotonous syllabus and dull classes.

The syllabus is not up to the mark for meeting up the challenges of the world awaiting outside the college boundaries. The efforts made by the teachers is also a big problem. Very few teachers are are dedicated towards their job and concerned about their student’s future.  Now a good teacher is not the one who teaches well but the one gives more marks.

The scenario might change a bit while looking at the non-government colleges and institutions. The faculty and the services provided by the private institutes as well as the course materials are more focused on the students overall development.

The quality of students in India is too good to be manhandled like this. The students are a great asset to the country. If proper importance is given to the education system then the young mids of the nation will greatly benefit from this. And the ultimate beneficiary would be my great country.


the download virus

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all net junkies beware… there is a new virus infecting your systems. its deadly and very contagious. and the biggest problem of all is that no antivirus in the world can stop it… the virus is called something like ‘why buy i can get it for free’ virus. some experts also call it as ‘cyber black market‘ syndrome.

symptoms: –

  • excess visiting torrent sites
  • hunt for latest music albums
  • addiction to latest movies but not willing to spend money

causes: –

  • lack of awareness
  • greed
  • not loyal towards ones country
  • no respect for an artist’s work

effects: –

  • black income
  • loss of government revenue
  • spread of low quality products
  • unstable economy
  • threat of virus and Trojan infection
  • discouragement of hard working artists
  • funding of terrorist activities

cure/prevention: –

  • spread of awareness
  • rise in nationalist feelings
  • quality consciousness
  • blocking sites offering pirated content

piracy is equal to stealing. come on guys. pay a little more for the sake of your own country.

you won’t regret it…

world war III

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do you know that the world is heading towards another catastrophic and most horrifying events of all time. yes people, another world war awaits us and we are all heading straight into it.

i am talking about scarcity of water

97% of the the total water available is saline. the remaining 3% is fit for our use. with the rising population and the wastage of water the situation is becoming worse every day. the pressure increases with every drop of water wasted. many places are already witnessing climate changes and droughts. the underground water level has gone down remarkably.

the shortage of water would greatly affect the nations. from agriculture to normal day to day life demands clean water. the entire life cycle depends upon water. at the current rate of consumption(and wastage) many nations are going to run out of clean water within few years. that would mark the beginning of a period of crisis and panic.

the stronger nations will posses an advantage over the weaker once. the never ending hunt for water and then the fight for hte authority over the region will begin. and eventually it will take the form of the next world war.

however this tie it will be much bigger. with almost all the countries involved in it and the developments in the defense sector, the loss of life and property would be in multiples of previous onces.

what we have today is an opportunity and a blessing in disguise. there is still hope and odds are in favor. we must stop wastage of water. this includes cosing the tap to using methods that use less water. various techniques that regenerate groundwater should be brought into use. use of techniques like rainwater harvesting has proved to be of great utility.

if we really understand and make others understand the importance of the issue then we might just prevent our future generations from what we today know as world war.

remember- save water and become the hero of your planet.

the post was written to support the cause of saving water on request of

my award… yeah

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i just received my first blogging award ‘A Versatile Blogger’ from my friend Akansha. she is also a blogger( a good one) and i thank her a lot for this. i feel honored. so i have to say 8 things about me. so here we go :-

  1. the first thing that anyone could say just by looking at me is that i am a foodie. guys i just love eating and trying different preparations whenever i get a chance.
  2. i am a bit moody. mood swings are frequent and most of my close pals are quiet aware of it. u don’t wanna annoy me even in your worst nightmares.
  3. i love my bike. its my baby and i like to go on long drives.
  4. i have always been looking for shortcuts to become a millionaire. so far no success. *sigh*
  5. i like to learn new things. i am a national level table tennis player and black belt in karate. cooking has always fascinated me. currently i am taking photography lessons.
  6. i don’t interact a lot with people. generally i don’t speak until i have to (else it would be rude). however i like to meet people who i find interesting and worth for sharing my time. but i like to party and go all the way to insanity whenever i get a chance.
  7. i always wanted to be someone important like James Bond or Rambo. i think i still have time.
  8. i don’t have a very specific aim in life yet. however it must be something related to being the richest man on earth.

it has been my pleasure writing this post and once again thanks to anki for this award. all the best to you and your blog.


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blogging is a new term for the Indian internet users as compared to those of other developed nations. when i started blogging i hardly found anyone interested in blogging. when i started with this blog, i got very little support from my friends. very few appreciated the idea

in most of the developed nations, blogging has become a hobby. it is a source of social interaction and entertainment. people can share their ideas and thoughts with others without any hesitation. many housewives have found blogging useful in bringing out their hidden talents say cooking, photography, interior decorating,and story writing etc. many professionals have started online counselling and consultancy services. many have launched their own websites promoting their ideas and causes.

blogging has also developed into a profession. many bloggers have switched from part time to full time blogging. . frankly speaking, not all guys have the potential to become a full time blogger. but those who have the skills are earning up to a six figure income.

but in India majority of the youth internet users are limited to the social networking sites. blogging is considered to be the work of celebrities, high profile professionals and industrialists and journalists etc. the use of blogs for social interaction and awarenss is a completely new concept in this society.

however with the growth in the number of internet users and awareness among the people, there are huge prospects of India emerging as a bloggers hub. the spreading awareness among people and knowledge of the internet are heating up things. earlier blogging  was a geeky stuff but things have been changing lately. today blogging is the next step towards socializing for the tech savvy people. its a very interesting way of reaching out a targeted audience and communicate with other like  minded people.

Indian bloggers are gaining some importance due to the active participation of the celebrities. there are numerous bloggers emerging from every part of the country writing on all sorts of stuffs. many students in the recent past have turned towards creating their own website instead of going for jobs. the great possibilities and opportunities available in the bloggers community is gaining the attention of the youth.

i hope Indians will soon make their presence felt on the blogosphere


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the commonwealth games was like a shining ray in a dark night for the tourism and hospitality industry which has already suffered a lot due to recession.  the owners of big and small hotels had expected a huge inflow of foreign tourists during this period. the main tourist locations around Delhi are

  • Agra and Fatehpurskri
  • Amritsar
  • Rajasthan
  • Haridwar
  • Shimla/Kullu/Manali

the small and big names of the hospitality industry have done great preparations for the event. increase in the number of rooms, up gradation of facilities, new cuisines are to name a few.

but will the tourists come to visit India as expected?

so far the things are not going good. although the tourists have started to come, the numbers are very disappointing for the industry. seeing the conditions so far, it is difficult to say that the expectations will be met.

what are the reasons for the reduced international traffic?

well there are many. first of all the delay in the preparation of the games village and the venues of the events have disappointed the public and sent a very bad(and wrong) message to the world about our infrastructural abilities.

secondly our country’s past is full of terrorist attacks and the incompetency of the government and the security forces to deal with such matters. the recent mumbai blasts could be taken for an example where 10 armed terrorists entered the commercial capital of India without any resistance. tell me who would like to risk his/her life for visiting India when there are so many other safe places to go.

even the media to some extent can be blamed for highlighting the drawbacks of the city and its preparations and a very little emphasis on the positive aspects. the hype on spread of dengue and spine flu has spoiled the mood of the players as well as the visitors. this has reduced the enthusiasm in the people. the level of excitement present six months back is missing. the people of delhi are moving out on vacations and are showing little interest in the games.

when the people of India are not willing to see the games then it is unlikely that many foreigners would come for the same. India is known for its hospitality, and i hope that many tourist get a taste of the real India. my best wishes are with Delhi.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India.

culture has always been one of the most important factors affecting the business environment of a nation. no business could survive if the culture does not accept it. a good entrepreneur carefully analyses the cultural history and the various cultural diversities within the area of his operations.

India is the land of diversities. a secular nation where more than hundreds of languages are spoken in 28 states and 7 union territories. the mentality and behavior of people differ with region, religion, economic status etc. an entrepreneur has to carefully scan the culture of a place before carrying out his business. otherwise the business wont survive.

after 1991, India has witnessed the arrival of a lot of big multinational companies. especially in the consumer goods sector. however the growth of these multinationals have been limited to only a few cities of the country. the metropolitans seem to have an unparalleled number of big names of the industry compared to the others.

why are the small cities lagging behind?

cultural stagnation is the answer. yes, its the culture of these cities which is not allowing the proprietors and investors to take the risk. compared to the big cities of the country, the others have experienced a very nominal change in their culture. the people are not yet ready to accept the western way of living(culture is a very big term to use here). the open minded western philosophy has proved to be a bit too much for the not so educated Indian population. as a result, most of the foreign multinationals are yet not sure of their acceptance and profitability in these markets.

who is at loss?

obviously the people of the small cities. they are the ones who are missing out on opportunities. the wide range of products and services offered by these companies are not reaching these people. the foreign developed technology than can help in the development of the society and economy  are not being utilized to its fullest. furthermore these companies would invite competition in the market between these and the other local firms which would force them to bring better products and services and ensure consumer satisfaction. an increase in industrialization would generate more employment and income for the people.

another point to be noted is that these multinationals indulge in foreign direct investment. this creates infrastructure and the base for further development. moreover increase in their numbers also brings foreign exchange for the country. overall the huge prospects of development offered by the multinationals are being utilized only by less than a dozen of cities in the country while the rest are still waiting for their arrival.

what should be done?

the only solution is that people have start accepting the changes in the Indian culture. in today’s world of globalization, the people must move on with the changes across the world and stay up to date with the other economies. what is to be understood is that culture is not static but dynamic. it absorbs whatever comes to it and changes for the betterment of the society. India is famous for its rich cultural heritage, and a good and civilized culture is open to all mentalities and lifestyle habits. if the people want a change then they are the once who have to change themselves so that they can offer a better future to the comming generation who will decide the future of the country.


India is country with great possibilities of massive industrial development on the international level. only the society has to open up and welcome the entrepreneurs and have a broad outlook towards the goods and services they introduce to the economy.

Store closing: half-off

time to move on

one of the most significant changes introduced to the the Indian economy was the policy of privatization. privatization means the process of transfer of ownership of a firm from public sector to private sector. the economy has benefited a lot from this. but there were still a few industries were the private sector was not allowed to enter. these industries are considered to be of great strategic importance. one of the major consequences of the policy was that the performance of the industries falling under it increased significantly.

but in the present India there is a need for the private sector to enter into few more public sector industries so that the people could benefit from it. the public utility services are suffering from poor customer satisfaction. say the electricity department or the telecom services or the security issues.

there is very famous saying – ” in our country, you can guarantee pizza in 30 mins but not police, ambulance or firemen.”  moreover the term “sarkari naukri” ( government job) has become more like a criticism rather than a credit. most of the people in govt sector are negligent towards their duties. the job security is a major factor for this kind of a behavior. the govt employees know that their jobs are secured and thus they do not take it seriously. in fact today many youngsters aim for a govt job so they don’t have to work hard at work.

last night, there was a power cut in my locality. so i went to the electricity board office of my area to file a complaint. surprisingly there was not a single person in the office. the working hour as clearly mentioned on the notice board was till midnight it was just 6:30 p.m.

same is the case with police. the common characteristics of the police are that they are always late and corrupt. the newspapers are full of such examples. during the Mumbai attacks, most of the police involved were carrying .303s or self-loading rifles like those adopted by the British Army in the 1950s.

the question that arises is that why is the government not allowing the private sector to enter into these fields. the purpose of maintaining control to promote public welfare has already failed. instead if they are privatized then it will ensure better services along with consumer satisfaction. these inefficient sectors are only causing losses and huge government expenditures and the return is hardly noticeable. and we cannot affor to compromise when it comes to basic needs and our security.

i think that we can look at the situation differently. seeing the circumstances, this can be regarded as  a possible business opportunity. if these few inefficient sectors are opened for privatization, then they can be very profitable indeed. these fields will be new and very fresh for the entrepreneurs and they can fully exploit the scene( i mean in a positive way).

but the biggest benefiter will be the people. private sectors ensure better utilization of resources and efficiency and effectiveness in operations. they have a good and well qualified management board.

mind you guys that i am not suggesting 100% privatization of these sectors. no, that might not be a very good idea at this point. initially a little bit govt shares are require for issuing proper guidelines and regulations of the new investors. this would also help in protecting the security of the people from falling into wrong hands or emergence of a monopoly of a private firm in a crucial industry.

if the govt thinks about this idea and takes the necessary steps, then this would definitely be a good deal for the country.

be the creator not seeker

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are you one of those people who are looking for a job.. practicing in front of the mirror for the interview.. waiting for your chance to join the earning population. and do you expect to earn a million just through your salary or are satisfied with earning enough to survive??? well all the best to you people… but i feel that there is a better way of  making a fortune..

the very first step is to believe in yourself.. don’t think that its very difficult and next to impossible coz its not. no idea is bad, its just the way you execute the idea is what determines its success possibility. if we look into the past, we will find that history is filled with people took control of their lives and have been really successful in whatever they did (well not everything). we call them entrepreneurs. they have a vision, a dream and most important of all, they have a positive attitude.

guys feel free to think about yourself. what you want, how you want, what you think you ca do and up to what extent can you go to take it. if you feel that you can build a spaceship that will land on mars then go for it. if you believe you can do it then you can. the world is full of ideas, you just need to find them. now how to find these ideas is the big question…

well the answer to this is very simple.. the ideas are hidden in your house, in your car, in your favorite restaurant and in your favorite game… yes friends they are everywhere you go and inside everything you do. it means that you can generate income from almost anything you can think of… you only need to identify the idea.. like if you like to play online games then you can start your own team and participate in events worldwide as the gaming industry is huge and growing day by day.. if u r a foodie then u can start a new resto-bar of your own..

the whole idea is that you should do what you want and not just what others want you to do.. i have met many people want to start a business of their own.. but they lack the confidence to initiate something new. i don’t say that you would rule the industry overnight, but if you are dedicated enough then in the long run you will achieve what you always wanted.. people don’t be afraid of bad days and all the ‘how’ and ‘what’ that others are gonna ask..

however i don’t want any of you to get carried away by emotions.. take one step at a time. ask for all the help you want.. meet others who think like you and learn from them.. form partnerships so that you can jointly handle the situations. always remember that you are just a beginner and not the best at what you are up to. so move on with confidence but not over confidence..

friends i want you to come up with your ideas in this blog and share it with me and other readers. i want people with innovative ideas to come together on this page share their great thoughts with us……

i will try to make these dreams come into reality and help create a platform for the young minds of the world…


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a new beginning

hello people…. this is my very first blog… i m a 20 yr guy with high ambitions, lots of dreams and just like any other guy of my age – extremely limited resources. well i am a student of hons.(bachelor of commerce)  in university of Delhi. you got that correct dude- i study about business. every morning i wake up with lots of hope and plans for the day. thinking that something new will happen that will change my life forever (and for good) only to realize that miracles don’t happen in the real world. life is no fairy tale but a competition and that too with expert participants.

i am not trying to scare you guys…. relax…. what i am trying to say is that we all have our own hopes and dreams. our dream job or a hobby which is more important to us than getting an m.b.a degree.. it all seems so impractical an way out of our league. but believe me people it is all very much possible.. you just need to figure out the right track.. through this blog i wanna help you people realize your dreams.. i am sure there are millions of people who are not happy with what they are doing and wanna change things.. well god helps only those who help themselves. so stay tuned to this site and plz leave comments to improve this site….