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maturity v/s awareness

Posted: November 20, 2010 in Uncategorized
Maturity of Mind

Image by Rickydavid via Flickr

everyday i hear people say ‘ be mature and just let it go’. we have severely confused ignorance with maturity.

i feel that ignoring stuff is not  a quality of a grown up. i am speaking in terms of day-to-day behavior. you don’t argue with the shopkeeper for the bill, you don’t ask for change if it is a small amount, you don’t hire a taxi on meter and so on… and all these things make you feel like a  matured person. however it is not so.

it’s probably easier to ignore a small loss than fighting for our rights. humans have a tendency to find the easiest way out of a problem and perhaps ignorance is one of the most widely used methods. who would take the burden of asking for a cash memo of just a rs 10 or 20 sale.

but would you do the same for a rs 20,000 purchase?

probably no. as 20,000 means a lot. but what we do not see is that even rs 20 matters a lot for a majority of the poverty struck economy. it means food for a day for the poor.

same is the case when we discover a fake note in our possession. a loyal and aware citizen would handover that note to the concerned authorities. but what most do is that they try to find a way to use that note as real money which further circulates in the economy.

the use of pirated disks is another prominent example.

ignoring even the smallest of things make a huge impact on the world around us. when we don’t ask for a bill, then the chances of black income increases. and black income is a slow poison for the economy and society as a whole. piracy is said to be fund the terrorists. bribery and red-tape create social instability and shaken the trust of the people.

we tolerate most of the injustice going around us and disguise our lack of awareness as maturity. but only an aware person deserves to be called as mature. a loyal citizen never tolerates malpractices in the society and has the courage to do the right thing.

Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension

– Joshua L. Liebman