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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers…

My university exams are only few days away. I have nine subjects that need desperate attention if i want to score anything nearby the satisfaction level of my parents.

With all sorts of pressures and deadlines and an extremely busy schedule, I can’t help  myself to think if  any of  this hard work is actually adding to my education or is it just a struggle to pass my graduation to get the degree that I once craved for. It is like a fight for survival for me and it has always been like this. During my class 10th board exams it was a fight for getting into the best school in town; during my class 12th exams I fought for getting into the best university. And now its a fight for the best job package.

One thing I have realized for sure is that it is knowledge we gain but the the marks we aim for that matter in today’s world. Nobody cares for the knowledge you posses but the mark sheet attached to your resume that will decide your fate. My 1st yr of graduation passed without me even noticing what happened in the college. No class that i can remember, no chapter that I know properly and no subject that i can recall. But i passed. And passed very well. Not a great score but pretty much for an average student. And same is the story of my second year.

I study just a couple of weeks before my exams and that is all that is required to get a degree of the most reputed university of the country. What the teacher teaches in one full year is what I learn in a few days and sometimes in just few hours. The course is not that easy.  But definitely not challenging.

Moreover the syllabus fails to draw my attention towards the subject. the course material is very boring and not at all interesting. There is no interactive activity that requires active participation of the student. The shocking thing is that this is not just one case. Almost all the colleges have the same problem –  a monotonous syllabus and dull classes.

The syllabus is not up to the mark for meeting up the challenges of the world awaiting outside the college boundaries. The efforts made by the teachers is also a big problem. Very few teachers are are dedicated towards their job and concerned about their student’s future.  Now a good teacher is not the one who teaches well but the one gives more marks.

The scenario might change a bit while looking at the non-government colleges and institutions. The faculty and the services provided by the private institutes as well as the course materials are more focused on the students overall development.

The quality of students in India is too good to be manhandled like this. The students are a great asset to the country. If proper importance is given to the education system then the young mids of the nation will greatly benefit from this. And the ultimate beneficiary would be my great country.