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my award… yeah

Posted: October 12, 2010 in social
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i just received my first blogging award ‘A Versatile Blogger’ from my friend Akansha. she is also a blogger( a good one) and i thank her a lot for this. i feel honored. so i have to say 8 things about me. so here we go :-

  1. the first thing that anyone could say just by looking at me is that i am a foodie. guys i just love eating and trying different preparations whenever i get a chance.
  2. i am a bit moody. mood swings are frequent and most of my close pals are quiet aware of it. u don’t wanna annoy me even in your worst nightmares.
  3. i love my bike. its my baby and i like to go on long drives.
  4. i have always been looking for shortcuts to become a millionaire. so far no success. *sigh*
  5. i like to learn new things. i am a national level table tennis player and black belt in karate. cooking has always fascinated me. currently i am taking photography lessons.
  6. i don’t interact a lot with people. generally i don’t speak until i have to (else it would be rude). however i like to meet people who i find interesting and worth for sharing my time. but i like to party and go all the way to insanity whenever i get a chance.
  7. i always wanted to be someone important like James Bond or Rambo. i think i still have time.
  8. i don’t have a very specific aim in life yet. however it must be something related to being the richest man on earth.

it has been my pleasure writing this post and once again thanks to anki for this award. all the best to you and your blog.