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the download virus

Posted: October 20, 2010 in social
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all net junkies beware… there is a new virus infecting your systems. its deadly and very contagious. and the biggest problem of all is that no antivirus in the world can stop it… the virus is called something like ‘why buy i can get it for free’ virus. some experts also call it as ‘cyber black market‘ syndrome.

symptoms: –

  • excess visiting torrent sites
  • hunt for latest music albums
  • addiction to latest movies but not willing to spend money

causes: –

  • lack of awareness
  • greed
  • not loyal towards ones country
  • no respect for an artist’s work

effects: –

  • black income
  • loss of government revenue
  • spread of low quality products
  • unstable economy
  • threat of virus and Trojan infection
  • discouragement of hard working artists
  • funding of terrorist activities

cure/prevention: –

  • spread of awareness
  • rise in nationalist feelings
  • quality consciousness
  • blocking sites offering pirated content

piracy is equal to stealing. come on guys. pay a little more for the sake of your own country.

you won’t regret it…