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Brown and white onions

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Are you one of those who miss the onion salad whenever they go to a restaurant? Well then we are of the same kind. I love to have onion salad along with my meals. But due to the recent price hikes, most of the food outlets have stopped providing onions. And its effect on the household kitchen has been devastating.

What puzzle me is that last time I saw anything in the news about onions was the farmers committing suicide due to the extremely low prices. That was couple of months back. And now the situation has changed  a lot. Such a drastic change is hardly seen in economic history.  But one thing is for sure that this is not a natural occurrence. There is involvement of hoarding and black marketing behind all this. It is pretty much evident from events.

The sad part is that knowing all this, the government is unable to check the price hike. Even the hoarders have not been traced yet. The government has shown a great deal of inefficiency in this matter. Public welfare has been completely neglected; and the same old worn out strategies of controlling the price rise are brought into use. For how long can curbing of imports save the nation from these economic complexities. The government has always been coming up with lame excuses and groundless claims of being in control of the situation. No strict action has been taken so far to check the hoarding of Onions in the country. And who is to be blamed for the arise of these days? Why did the black marketers gain this courage to create such a mass level crisis in the economy? The obvious answer is the negligence or say the  least bothered attitude of the government.

The case of Onions is not the only one of its kind. India has been facing similar problems with many other essential commodities. Petroleum and cooking gas/LPG has been witnessing similar price hikes over the past few years. While the people have been regularly compromising with their food, the government seems to be taking this case very casually.

Its high time before some important new economic strategies ae formed and brought into application. Its said that a certain percentage of inflation is the sign of a developing economy. But the price rise has been very drastic and certainly not in the favour of the economy. Well it is time to think out of the box. The traditional economic theories seem to provide only a temporary solution to the problems of such a vast and diverse economy.

When you look deeper into any economic problems in the society, you will see that the problem is far away from the laws of economics. No economic factor gives a rise to such problems. On further investigation you it becomes clear that corruption and other breach of law has a greater role in the problem rather than  normal economic reason. For instance,  in this case it is quiet clear that hoarding of Onions is done for increasing its market value. Had government taken notice to this earlier when the farmers were struggling to get the fair return, such a situation could have been easily avoided. Moreover how is it possible to hide such a huge stock without anyone else knowing about it? Corruption comes in here.  Corruption is as good as suicide. It’s all around us. From a watchman to the higher officials. We are all involved in it in  some or the other way. And I think it is one of the most difficult things to be checked so far, though not impossible.

So far we have discussed few of the reasons that leads inflation. But what is the point of discussing it.. I mean are you actually going to take any action or is just another topic to talk about while sipping your tea. Think over it.

So guys if you want things to right again, better get started now.