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Sexual harassment

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first of all i apologize to all my readers for the delay in this post. i was really busy with my college assignments.

now coming straight to the point, i want you to take a look at the recent cases of sexual harassment in the corporate sectors. the hewlett packard‘s former ceo mark hurd and David Davidar are few of the latest cases to name. but mind you i am not talking about sexual harassment of women, i want to focus on the differences within the corporate sector based on sex.

men( and that too straight) seem to have an upper hand in this respect. on the other hand women seem to be the most exploited followed by bisexuals and homosexuals.

the major problem is definitely of sexual harassment. the women workforce has been offended quiet often. and even worse is the lack of awareness of dealing with such problems. there is no immediate action taking body currently in the country. most of the times the offended just either submit to the demands or awitch the job instead of taking an action.

the case of sexual harassment also extends towards gays and bisexuals. the are not treated with respect and sometimes omitted from the priorities while assigning work. women are still considered as homemakers and not made for official work purposes.

demanding of sexual favors and explicit sexual remarks continue to

next is the lack of attention towards women issues like pregnancy leaves etc. only a handful of organisations have such facilities.

what even worsens the matter is the lack of attention paid towards these issues. according to a recent issue of business today, only 15% of all senior management positions in corporate india are held by women. that puts India in the bottom five globally. this is very shameful figure specially in the nation of honorable Indira Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu.

what can be done?

well so far nothing has been done for any such problems and the issue is so far unnoticed. there is no special cell in organisations to register complains about sexual bias and harassment. no strict actions are taken until one knocks the doors of the court. however there are upcoming laws to regarding sexual harassment,  the other important factors affecting the sexual minorities still remain untouched.

no matter what steps are taken, until the testosterone filled environment understands the gravity of the issue, things might not change at all.