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blogging is a new term for the Indian internet users as compared to those of other developed nations. when i started blogging i hardly found anyone interested in blogging. when i started with this blog, i got very little support from my friends. very few appreciated the idea

in most of the developed nations, blogging has become a hobby. it is a source of social interaction and entertainment. people can share their ideas and thoughts with others without any hesitation. many housewives have found blogging useful in bringing out their hidden talents say cooking, photography, interior decorating,and story writing etc. many professionals have started online counselling and consultancy services. many have launched their own websites promoting their ideas and causes.

blogging has also developed into a profession. many bloggers have switched from part time to full time blogging. . frankly speaking, not all guys have the potential to become a full time blogger. but those who have the skills are earning up to a six figure income.

but in India majority of the youth internet users are limited to the social networking sites. blogging is considered to be the work of celebrities, high profile professionals and industrialists and journalists etc. the use of blogs for social interaction and awarenss is a completely new concept in this society.

however with the growth in the number of internet users and awareness among the people, there are huge prospects of India emerging as a bloggers hub. the spreading awareness among people and knowledge of the internet are heating up things. earlier blogging  was a geeky stuff but things have been changing lately. today blogging is the next step towards socializing for the tech savvy people. its a very interesting way of reaching out a targeted audience and communicate with other like  minded people.

Indian bloggers are gaining some importance due to the active participation of the celebrities. there are numerous bloggers emerging from every part of the country writing on all sorts of stuffs. many students in the recent past have turned towards creating their own website instead of going for jobs. the great possibilities and opportunities available in the bloggers community is gaining the attention of the youth.

i hope Indians will soon make their presence felt on the blogosphere