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world war III

Posted: October 15, 2010 in social
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do you know that the world is heading towards another catastrophic and most horrifying events of all time. yes people, another world war awaits us and we are all heading straight into it.

i am talking about scarcity of water

97% of the the total water available is saline. the remaining 3% is fit for our use. with the rising population and the wastage of water the situation is becoming worse every day. the pressure increases with every drop of water wasted. many places are already witnessing climate changes and droughts. the underground water level has gone down remarkably.

the shortage of water would greatly affect the nations. from agriculture to normal day to day life demands clean water. the entire life cycle depends upon water. at the current rate of consumption(and wastage) many nations are going to run out of clean water within few years. that would mark the beginning of a period of crisis and panic.

the stronger nations will posses an advantage over the weaker once. the never ending hunt for water and then the fight for hte authority over the region will begin. and eventually it will take the form of the next world war.

however this tie it will be much bigger. with almost all the countries involved in it and the developments in the defense sector, the loss of life and property would be in multiples of previous onces.

what we have today is an opportunity and a blessing in disguise. there is still hope and odds are in favor. we must stop wastage of water. this includes cosing the tap to using methods that use less water. various techniques that regenerate groundwater should be brought into use. use of techniques like rainwater harvesting has proved to be of great utility.

if we really understand and make others understand the importance of the issue then we might just prevent our future generations from what we today know as world war.

remember- save water and become the hero of your planet.

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