Brown and white onions

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Are you one of those who miss the onion salad whenever they go to a restaurant? Well then we are of the same kind. I love to have onion salad along with my meals. But due to the recent price hikes, most of the food outlets have stopped providing onions. And its effect on the household kitchen has been devastating.

What puzzle me is that last time I saw anything in the news about onions was the farmers committing suicide due to the extremely low prices. That was couple of months back. And now the situation has changed  a lot. Such a drastic change is hardly seen in economic history.  But one thing is for sure that this is not a natural occurrence. There is involvement of hoarding and black marketing behind all this. It is pretty much evident from events.

The sad part is that knowing all this, the government is unable to check the price hike. Even the hoarders have not been traced yet. The government has shown a great deal of inefficiency in this matter. Public welfare has been completely neglected; and the same old worn out strategies of controlling the price rise are brought into use. For how long can curbing of imports save the nation from these economic complexities. The government has always been coming up with lame excuses and groundless claims of being in control of the situation. No strict action has been taken so far to check the hoarding of Onions in the country. And who is to be blamed for the arise of these days? Why did the black marketers gain this courage to create such a mass level crisis in the economy? The obvious answer is the negligence or say the  least bothered attitude of the government.

The case of Onions is not the only one of its kind. India has been facing similar problems with many other essential commodities. Petroleum and cooking gas/LPG has been witnessing similar price hikes over the past few years. While the people have been regularly compromising with their food, the government seems to be taking this case very casually.

Its high time before some important new economic strategies ae formed and brought into application. Its said that a certain percentage of inflation is the sign of a developing economy. But the price rise has been very drastic and certainly not in the favour of the economy. Well it is time to think out of the box. The traditional economic theories seem to provide only a temporary solution to the problems of such a vast and diverse economy.

When you look deeper into any economic problems in the society, you will see that the problem is far away from the laws of economics. No economic factor gives a rise to such problems. On further investigation you it becomes clear that corruption and other breach of law has a greater role in the problem rather than  normal economic reason. For instance,  in this case it is quiet clear that hoarding of Onions is done for increasing its market value. Had government taken notice to this earlier when the farmers were struggling to get the fair return, such a situation could have been easily avoided. Moreover how is it possible to hide such a huge stock without anyone else knowing about it? Corruption comes in here.  Corruption is as good as suicide. It’s all around us. From a watchman to the higher officials. We are all involved in it in  some or the other way. And I think it is one of the most difficult things to be checked so far, though not impossible.

So far we have discussed few of the reasons that leads inflation. But what is the point of discussing it.. I mean are you actually going to take any action or is just another topic to talk about while sipping your tea. Think over it.

So guys if you want things to right again, better get started now.


MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers…

My university exams are only few days away. I have nine subjects that need desperate attention if i want to score anything nearby the satisfaction level of my parents.

With all sorts of pressures and deadlines and an extremely busy schedule, I can’t help  myself to think if  any of  this hard work is actually adding to my education or is it just a struggle to pass my graduation to get the degree that I once craved for. It is like a fight for survival for me and it has always been like this. During my class 10th board exams it was a fight for getting into the best school in town; during my class 12th exams I fought for getting into the best university. And now its a fight for the best job package.

One thing I have realized for sure is that it is knowledge we gain but the the marks we aim for that matter in today’s world. Nobody cares for the knowledge you posses but the mark sheet attached to your resume that will decide your fate. My 1st yr of graduation passed without me even noticing what happened in the college. No class that i can remember, no chapter that I know properly and no subject that i can recall. But i passed. And passed very well. Not a great score but pretty much for an average student. And same is the story of my second year.

I study just a couple of weeks before my exams and that is all that is required to get a degree of the most reputed university of the country. What the teacher teaches in one full year is what I learn in a few days and sometimes in just few hours. The course is not that easy.  But definitely not challenging.

Moreover the syllabus fails to draw my attention towards the subject. the course material is very boring and not at all interesting. There is no interactive activity that requires active participation of the student. The shocking thing is that this is not just one case. Almost all the colleges have the same problem –  a monotonous syllabus and dull classes.

The syllabus is not up to the mark for meeting up the challenges of the world awaiting outside the college boundaries. The efforts made by the teachers is also a big problem. Very few teachers are are dedicated towards their job and concerned about their student’s future.  Now a good teacher is not the one who teaches well but the one gives more marks.

The scenario might change a bit while looking at the non-government colleges and institutions. The faculty and the services provided by the private institutes as well as the course materials are more focused on the students overall development.

The quality of students in India is too good to be manhandled like this. The students are a great asset to the country. If proper importance is given to the education system then the young mids of the nation will greatly benefit from this. And the ultimate beneficiary would be my great country.

maturity v/s awareness

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Maturity of Mind

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everyday i hear people say ‘ be mature and just let it go’. we have severely confused ignorance with maturity.

i feel that ignoring stuff is not  a quality of a grown up. i am speaking in terms of day-to-day behavior. you don’t argue with the shopkeeper for the bill, you don’t ask for change if it is a small amount, you don’t hire a taxi on meter and so on… and all these things make you feel like a  matured person. however it is not so.

it’s probably easier to ignore a small loss than fighting for our rights. humans have a tendency to find the easiest way out of a problem and perhaps ignorance is one of the most widely used methods. who would take the burden of asking for a cash memo of just a rs 10 or 20 sale.

but would you do the same for a rs 20,000 purchase?

probably no. as 20,000 means a lot. but what we do not see is that even rs 20 matters a lot for a majority of the poverty struck economy. it means food for a day for the poor.

same is the case when we discover a fake note in our possession. a loyal and aware citizen would handover that note to the concerned authorities. but what most do is that they try to find a way to use that note as real money which further circulates in the economy.

the use of pirated disks is another prominent example.

ignoring even the smallest of things make a huge impact on the world around us. when we don’t ask for a bill, then the chances of black income increases. and black income is a slow poison for the economy and society as a whole. piracy is said to be fund the terrorists. bribery and red-tape create social instability and shaken the trust of the people.

we tolerate most of the injustice going around us and disguise our lack of awareness as maturity. but only an aware person deserves to be called as mature. a loyal citizen never tolerates malpractices in the society and has the courage to do the right thing.

Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension

– Joshua L. Liebman

If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. For what is the flesh of youth, if it is not of service to the motherland – Chandrashekhar Azad


if these lines do not stir your soul then you have probably lost all your faith towards your motherland. I know that India is a free country now guys but these lines were not written just to gain independence right?

these lines represent the spirit of those who dreamed of a country much different from what it is now. mere independence was not their goal. doing good for their people whom they considered as their own brothers and sisters was their passion.

One individual may die for an idea; but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. That is how the wheel of evolution moves on and the ideas and dreams of one nation are bequeathed to the next – Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

India is free and so are Indians( what people think nowadays). but take a deep breath and look around you. do you see what the great freedom fighters of India wanted their future to see? your silence itself speaks for you dear. the war is still on. our country is still suffering, the people are still facing a hard time earning enough to live a decent life.

no free education for all, food shortage, spread of diseases and so on….. the list is endless…

India does not lack in resources of any sort. we have enough deposits of minerals, a huge supply of labor, plenty of land, leading entrepreneurs, good engineers, doctors, scientists, economists and …… (can’t mention everything guys). then why are we still lagging behind? where have we gone wrong?

the thing is that there are a lot of enemies of our country and specially our economy. they are amongst us and we don’t even realize it. through my next few posts i want to bring in to focus few of the major and minor problems which are harming our economy. these are internal as well as external threats to our country.

Apparently, I’ve acted like a terrorist. But I’m not a terrorist. – Bhagat Singh

together we have to reawaken the spirit of those passionate lovers who accepted death with a broad smile on their faces for our motherland.

Sexual harassment

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first of all i apologize to all my readers for the delay in this post. i was really busy with my college assignments.

now coming straight to the point, i want you to take a look at the recent cases of sexual harassment in the corporate sectors. the hewlett packard‘s former ceo mark hurd and David Davidar are few of the latest cases to name. but mind you i am not talking about sexual harassment of women, i want to focus on the differences within the corporate sector based on sex.

men( and that too straight) seem to have an upper hand in this respect. on the other hand women seem to be the most exploited followed by bisexuals and homosexuals.

the major problem is definitely of sexual harassment. the women workforce has been offended quiet often. and even worse is the lack of awareness of dealing with such problems. there is no immediate action taking body currently in the country. most of the times the offended just either submit to the demands or awitch the job instead of taking an action.

the case of sexual harassment also extends towards gays and bisexuals. the are not treated with respect and sometimes omitted from the priorities while assigning work. women are still considered as homemakers and not made for official work purposes.

demanding of sexual favors and explicit sexual remarks continue to

next is the lack of attention towards women issues like pregnancy leaves etc. only a handful of organisations have such facilities.

what even worsens the matter is the lack of attention paid towards these issues. according to a recent issue of business today, only 15% of all senior management positions in corporate india are held by women. that puts India in the bottom five globally. this is very shameful figure specially in the nation of honorable Indira Gandhi and Sarojini Naidu.

what can be done?

well so far nothing has been done for any such problems and the issue is so far unnoticed. there is no special cell in organisations to register complains about sexual bias and harassment. no strict actions are taken until one knocks the doors of the court. however there are upcoming laws to regarding sexual harassment,  the other important factors affecting the sexual minorities still remain untouched.

no matter what steps are taken, until the testosterone filled environment understands the gravity of the issue, things might not change at all.

the download virus

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all net junkies beware… there is a new virus infecting your systems. its deadly and very contagious. and the biggest problem of all is that no antivirus in the world can stop it… the virus is called something like ‘why buy i can get it for free’ virus. some experts also call it as ‘cyber black market‘ syndrome.

symptoms: –

  • excess visiting torrent sites
  • hunt for latest music albums
  • addiction to latest movies but not willing to spend money

causes: –

  • lack of awareness
  • greed
  • not loyal towards ones country
  • no respect for an artist’s work

effects: –

  • black income
  • loss of government revenue
  • spread of low quality products
  • unstable economy
  • threat of virus and Trojan infection
  • discouragement of hard working artists
  • funding of terrorist activities

cure/prevention: –

  • spread of awareness
  • rise in nationalist feelings
  • quality consciousness
  • blocking sites offering pirated content

piracy is equal to stealing. come on guys. pay a little more for the sake of your own country.

you won’t regret it…

world war III

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do you know that the world is heading towards another catastrophic and most horrifying events of all time. yes people, another world war awaits us and we are all heading straight into it.

i am talking about scarcity of water

97% of the the total water available is saline. the remaining 3% is fit for our use. with the rising population and the wastage of water the situation is becoming worse every day. the pressure increases with every drop of water wasted. many places are already witnessing climate changes and droughts. the underground water level has gone down remarkably.

the shortage of water would greatly affect the nations. from agriculture to normal day to day life demands clean water. the entire life cycle depends upon water. at the current rate of consumption(and wastage) many nations are going to run out of clean water within few years. that would mark the beginning of a period of crisis and panic.

the stronger nations will posses an advantage over the weaker once. the never ending hunt for water and then the fight for hte authority over the region will begin. and eventually it will take the form of the next world war.

however this tie it will be much bigger. with almost all the countries involved in it and the developments in the defense sector, the loss of life and property would be in multiples of previous onces.

what we have today is an opportunity and a blessing in disguise. there is still hope and odds are in favor. we must stop wastage of water. this includes cosing the tap to using methods that use less water. various techniques that regenerate groundwater should be brought into use. use of techniques like rainwater harvesting has proved to be of great utility.

if we really understand and make others understand the importance of the issue then we might just prevent our future generations from what we today know as world war.

remember- save water and become the hero of your planet.

the post was written to support the cause of saving water on request of

my award… yeah

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i just received my first blogging award ‘A Versatile Blogger’ from my friend Akansha. she is also a blogger( a good one) and i thank her a lot for this. i feel honored. so i have to say 8 things about me. so here we go :-

  1. the first thing that anyone could say just by looking at me is that i am a foodie. guys i just love eating and trying different preparations whenever i get a chance.
  2. i am a bit moody. mood swings are frequent and most of my close pals are quiet aware of it. u don’t wanna annoy me even in your worst nightmares.
  3. i love my bike. its my baby and i like to go on long drives.
  4. i have always been looking for shortcuts to become a millionaire. so far no success. *sigh*
  5. i like to learn new things. i am a national level table tennis player and black belt in karate. cooking has always fascinated me. currently i am taking photography lessons.
  6. i don’t interact a lot with people. generally i don’t speak until i have to (else it would be rude). however i like to meet people who i find interesting and worth for sharing my time. but i like to party and go all the way to insanity whenever i get a chance.
  7. i always wanted to be someone important like James Bond or Rambo. i think i still have time.
  8. i don’t have a very specific aim in life yet. however it must be something related to being the richest man on earth.

it has been my pleasure writing this post and once again thanks to anki for this award. all the best to you and your blog.


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blogging is a new term for the Indian internet users as compared to those of other developed nations. when i started blogging i hardly found anyone interested in blogging. when i started with this blog, i got very little support from my friends. very few appreciated the idea

in most of the developed nations, blogging has become a hobby. it is a source of social interaction and entertainment. people can share their ideas and thoughts with others without any hesitation. many housewives have found blogging useful in bringing out their hidden talents say cooking, photography, interior decorating,and story writing etc. many professionals have started online counselling and consultancy services. many have launched their own websites promoting their ideas and causes.

blogging has also developed into a profession. many bloggers have switched from part time to full time blogging. . frankly speaking, not all guys have the potential to become a full time blogger. but those who have the skills are earning up to a six figure income.

but in India majority of the youth internet users are limited to the social networking sites. blogging is considered to be the work of celebrities, high profile professionals and industrialists and journalists etc. the use of blogs for social interaction and awarenss is a completely new concept in this society.

however with the growth in the number of internet users and awareness among the people, there are huge prospects of India emerging as a bloggers hub. the spreading awareness among people and knowledge of the internet are heating up things. earlier blogging  was a geeky stuff but things have been changing lately. today blogging is the next step towards socializing for the tech savvy people. its a very interesting way of reaching out a targeted audience and communicate with other like  minded people.

Indian bloggers are gaining some importance due to the active participation of the celebrities. there are numerous bloggers emerging from every part of the country writing on all sorts of stuffs. many students in the recent past have turned towards creating their own website instead of going for jobs. the great possibilities and opportunities available in the bloggers community is gaining the attention of the youth.

i hope Indians will soon make their presence felt on the blogosphere


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the commonwealth games was like a shining ray in a dark night for the tourism and hospitality industry which has already suffered a lot due to recession.  the owners of big and small hotels had expected a huge inflow of foreign tourists during this period. the main tourist locations around Delhi are

  • Agra and Fatehpurskri
  • Amritsar
  • Rajasthan
  • Haridwar
  • Shimla/Kullu/Manali

the small and big names of the hospitality industry have done great preparations for the event. increase in the number of rooms, up gradation of facilities, new cuisines are to name a few.

but will the tourists come to visit India as expected?

so far the things are not going good. although the tourists have started to come, the numbers are very disappointing for the industry. seeing the conditions so far, it is difficult to say that the expectations will be met.

what are the reasons for the reduced international traffic?

well there are many. first of all the delay in the preparation of the games village and the venues of the events have disappointed the public and sent a very bad(and wrong) message to the world about our infrastructural abilities.

secondly our country’s past is full of terrorist attacks and the incompetency of the government and the security forces to deal with such matters. the recent mumbai blasts could be taken for an example where 10 armed terrorists entered the commercial capital of India without any resistance. tell me who would like to risk his/her life for visiting India when there are so many other safe places to go.

even the media to some extent can be blamed for highlighting the drawbacks of the city and its preparations and a very little emphasis on the positive aspects. the hype on spread of dengue and spine flu has spoiled the mood of the players as well as the visitors. this has reduced the enthusiasm in the people. the level of excitement present six months back is missing. the people of delhi are moving out on vacations and are showing little interest in the games.

when the people of India are not willing to see the games then it is unlikely that many foreigners would come for the same. India is known for its hospitality, and i hope that many tourist get a taste of the real India. my best wishes are with Delhi.